“Intertek’s Industry Services are leading experts in managing risk and optimizing returns within the Oil & Gas, Renewables, Power, Nuclear, Mining, Construction, Engineering and Chemical industries. Our diverse global services include technical inspection, technical staffing, asset integrity management, exploration & production support, nuclear and renewable energy services, consulting, and training. Qualified personnel are committed to operational safety as well as minimizing business risks and the potential for negative environmental impact. This three-fold commitment is backed by decades of experience, leadership, and a strong focus on quality and Safety. Intertek offers a comprehensive solution for all AIM activities, including on site data gathering, analytical service (worldwide lab network), data review and interpretation, analysis, consultancy, and operational experience (knowledge centres). We add value to your existing investment with our real-world understanding of production chemistry and flow assurance issues including fluid properties, flow regime, composition and effect on operations and process conditions as well as the degradation effect on materials of construction, equipment and their life cycle. Our experts are guided by regulatory compliance, industry codes and standards and have implemented AIM programmes worldwide, delivering a combination of experience and perspective on government regulations and the implementation of compliance programmes.”