A pioneer of water treatment industry with a legacy spanning over five decades, Ion Exchange is recognized internationally as a premier company in water and environment management. We are among the largest environment solutions providers, one of very few companies worldwide with a complete range of technologies, products and services for water treatment, liquid waste treatment, recycle and solid waste management. With sales, production and service footprints across the globe, we generate substantial and superior value for our customers, creating quantifiable benefits for them through our comprehensive solutions. We also offer technical services such as project management at site, erection and commissioning, operation and maintenance of plant and supply of spares. Specialists in water and waste water, we offer total water and environment management solutions for all sectors – infrastructure, industry, institutions and  municipalities, urban and rural 360° environment management adds value across the entire circuit – from influent water through potable and industrial process water to effluent/sewage treatment and water recycle for zero discharge and waste to energy projects for solid waste management Design and supply of water, process liquid, waste water treatment, water recycle plants – packaged, pre-engineered and custom-built, on turnkey, BOT and EPC basis Innovative and green solutions to reclaim sewage water, cooling tower blow down and effluent water as make up for District Cooling Systems INDION™ Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals & Water Management Program for treatment of District Cooling Plants INDION™ Automation & Dosing Systems for District cooling towers and chillers