ISKANDAR MALAYSIA: ACCELERATING THE NATION’S ECONOMIC GROWTH Launched as South Johor Economic Region in November 2006, Iskandar Malaysia is envisioned to be a Strong and Sustainable Metropolis of International Standing by the year 2025. The development of this 2,217sq km region is founded on Equitable and Fair Distribution Among Stakeholders, Growth and Value Creation, as well as Nation Building. One of Iskandar Malaysia’s greatest assets is its strategic location in the heart of SE Asia adjacent to an established regional hub. It is well positioned to leverage on the fast growing economic powerhouses of India and China as well as the ASEAN region. Iskandar Malaysia’s development is guided by the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) 2006-2015, which consists of three development phases: Planning and Building the Foundation, Strengthening and Generating Growth and Sustain and Innovate. Towards achieving the vision of Iskandar Malaysia, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) was formed through an Act of Parliament to play a transformational lead role for all stakeholders in an accelerated growth path unseen before. The highly competitive global landscape no longer allows for a ‘business as usual’ way of development execution. One of the first things accomplished was to win mindshare amongst key stakeholders to the needed change of mindset that strives for fast execution, investor-focused and strategic differentiation in all that we do. IRDA’s role as the lead promoter, planner and facilitator for Iskandar Malaysia has further grown both in scope and depth in 2012. Our relentless focus on the nine (9) promoted sectors has yielded strong and steady in flow of investments within a challenging global economic environment. Of the nine sectors, three are in the manufacturing sector (Electrical and Electronics, Oleo and Petrochemicals, Food and Agro-Processing) while another six are in the services sector (Financial Services, Tourism, Education, Logistics, Healthcare, Creative) The three manufacturing sectors have been well established and will continue to be reinforced and moved up the value chain while the six services sectors will be the driving force to elevate income levels in line with the Government’s Economic Transformation Plan to turn Malaysia into a high income nation.