KATMERCILER is one of the global producers and supplier of manufacturing, designing and developing Firefighting vehicles, Rescue vehicles, Riot Control vehicles and most of over chassis body applications since year 1985. The one and only public company in the sector which being registered in Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) since year 2010. Rapidly growing firm ranked in year 2014 as the 247th between the biggest 1.000 Turkish Exporters(TIM) of all sectors. The company’s export network has been expended during the last 20 years to reach over 44 countries worldwide in various shapes of shipment whether in CBU, SKD or CKD. Day by day Katmerciler is stepping closer to be an international brand with its powerful vision that guides towards international markets, its high self-confidence and approach that never compromising high quality & customer satisfaction, Project and R&D Departments distinguished in the sector, flexible manufacturing capabilities and efficient after sales services.