“Knowledge Oman (KO) is a social enterprise with the mission of transferring ‘sustainable knowledge’ that will inspire, innovate and enhance national performance. By combining its resources with that of strategic partners, KO works to raise the competitiveness of people living in Oman as the foundation for establishing a knowledge-based society – the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Knowledge Oman associates with a broad range of public and private institutions to deliver an almost limitless scope of projects centred on ‘sustainable knowledge’. KO’s collaboration extends to local, regional and global partners, all of which lend their expertise and resources in alignment with the organisation’s strategic goals. In addition to KO’s work in devising quality engagement platforms, it frequently welcomes strategic proposals from both new and existing partners. The ‘KO family’ is a place for those who are passionate about knowledge and using it to enrich the quality of local communities, both socially and professionally. “