KPKT was originally known as Ministry of Housing and Local Government. The roles and functions of KPKT were restructured in 2013, after the 13th General Elections. The restructing of KPKT included the implementation of programs and activities to improve the quality of live of urban dwellers. The mission of KPKT is to accomplish The National Development Agenda through People’s Housing Programs, Municipal Services and Fire Services to Improve the Quality and Wellbeing of the people. KPKT’s tagline is Posperous Life. There are six (6) departments under KPKT, namely; the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning (PLANMalaysia), the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, the National Housing Department, the National Landscape Department, the National Solid Waste Management Department and the Local Government Department. These Departments implements policies and programmes for KPKT’s roles and functions.