LingCom provides top-notch linguistic services throughout the world in over 30 languages. We offer a full range of language support solutions across a number of industries and business services, including translation, editing, proofreading, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, AV support, voice-over, transcription and DTP. Our clients are multinational companies and individuals who operate in virtually every industry. Every day we are chosen by the most important event organizing companies from around the world to cover their interpretation needs for conferences, congresses, workshops and other events that require interpreters. We work globally to guarantee that our interpreters’ service is impeccable, that the audience can always clearly hear and enjoy all vocalizations with nothing lost, distorted or modified in the process. Some of the venues where we have provided our services are: Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Lima, Mexico City, Maputo (Mozambique), Luanda (Angola), Almaty (Kazakhstan). Feel free to request a quote for your upcoming event.