Ma’aden’s $10.8 billion joint venture with Alcoa will be the largest and most efficient vertically integrated Aluminium complex in the world. It will use Saudi Arabia’s bauxite resources to profitably produce Aluminium for domestic and international markets as well as to facilitate the development of domestic downstream industries in the Kingdom. The company’s facilities contains Alumina refinery, Aluminium smelter and rolling mill located at Ras Al Khair, 90 km North of Jubail. Al Ba’itha area around 600km north west of Ras Al Khair, is the site of the project’s bauxite mine and ore crushing and handling facilities started production in 2014.The production at an annual mining rate of 4.0 million mtpy of bauxite. Bauxite ore transported by rail to Ras Al Khair to be refined in the GCC’s first alumina refinery to produce 1.8 million mtpy of alumina, which will in turn be processed in the smelter to produce 740,000 mtpy of Aluminium. The rolling mill with initial hot-mill capacity of 380,000 mtpy Maaden Aluminium focuses initially on the production of sheet, end and tab stock for the manufacture of cans and other products including auto, construction and foil applications. The rolling mill considered to be one of the world’s most technically advanced and have the capacity to re-cycle Aluminium scrap.