MAESCO, the abbreviation for “Malaysia Association of Energy Service Companies” was formed and registered with the Registrar of Societies in September 2000 under the registration name of  “Pertubuhan Syarikat Syarikat Perkhidmatan Tenaga Malaysia”. It was incorporated during the implementation of the Malaysian Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project (MIEEIP) by the Malaysian Government’s implementation agency. As it’s name denotes, MAESCO was formed to bring together Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) within the nation under one entity. In togetherness under this entity, the Association was formed with the Constitutional objective of ; To develop recognized ESCO businesses in collaboration with Government and private sector. To actively promote the activity of cost reduction and efficiency standards of the industrial and commercial sector To oversee the well being of it’s members To facilitate and do all things necessary towards developing successful energy related projects. To introduce related products and services for the industry To foster healthy co-existence amongst members through ethical professional practices Ensure prestige of services by members