The Malaysian Insurance and Takaful Brokers Association (MITBA), previously known as The Insurance Brokers Association of Malaysia (IBAM), the only national body of Insurance and Takaful brokers, was registered with the Registrar of Societies on 3rd December, 1974. MITBA is the collective voice of the industry – advising members, the regulator, consumers, trade association and other stakeholders on key insurance issues. MITBA has been established for the past 40 years with its mission to further the interest of approved conventional and takaful brokers in the country in co-operation and consultation with Bank Negara Malaysia and to establish channels of co-operation with similar Associations within Malaysia and elsewhere in the world as professionals. MITBA currently has 31 members in benefit i.e. 28 composite brokers (conventional and takaful brokers), 1 conventional broker and 2 takaful brokers. MITBA also provides training, technical advice, guidance on regulation and business support. Our role is to elevate the status of insurance and takaful brokers through professional development and by establishing improved standards of qualification and ethical practice. MITBA Members embrace strict standards of conduct, professionalism, and practice. This ensures that they maintain the highest ethical standards and the utmost good faith, the foundation of insurance business, in all activities in which they are engaged. The MITBA Executive Committee, consists of nine (9) elected representatives who are elected every 2 years during the AGM from its membership, meets monthly to provide direction and ideas. In addition, Sub-committees and Special Task Force are established to look into a wide range of interests and allow members to discuss relevant topics with their peers, discover more about issues of importance and formulate business plans and strategies to further promote healthy market practices. As a non-profit organization, MITBA is neither an insurance company nor does it sell insurance products or represent insurance companies.