MicroBlink is a research and development company focused on proprietary machine vision – real-time text recognition for mobile devices. Standing on the frontier of computer science we use the most advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques to provide fast and accurate text recognition using smartphone camera. Our mission is to simplify everyday tasks by eliminating manual data input from mobile apps. From real-time recognition of bills, checks, payment slips, top-ups to barcode, IDs and DL scanning – MicroBlink saves time and improves customer experience. MicroBlink is also known for developing Photomath app – the world’s first mobile app that solves handwritten mathematical problems in real-time and has reached over 35M downloads. Main advantage of their SDKs is that they operate offline (locally on a device) for maximum security. Worldwide customers’ network in over 60 countries includes banks, financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, insurance, system integrators, startups and other service and production oriented companies.