On land and sea, in sky and outer space, the sphere of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) knows no bounds. MHI Groups manufactures a wide array of products, providing over 700 of products that underpin every industry as well as urban lifestyles. MHI supplied very broad range of fields, including launch vehicles, power-generation systems, ships, industrial machines and air-condition & refrigeration system and each helps to support the lifestyles of people today. MHI promotes environmental thinking in the making of each of our products to reduce the environmental burden. MHI provides the most efficiency Centrifugal chiller in the Global Domestic market. Our design engineer can provide the unique refrigeration system, from commercial usage to heavy industrial usage. Our MHI Centrifugal chiller is also well known in the market as the most sustainable, reliable in operation and drastic energy saving. MHI offers the expertise to provide our customers with one stop solution. We can provide our customers with workable, performance optimized solution to any complex or simple design through our MHI centrifugal chillers. MHI Centrifugal chiller system is the best choice for your consideration because our chillers is economical to operate and are better for the environment.