Nikkon providing complete solution for LED lighting. NIKKON has a long-standing commitment to providing lighting solutions that improve people’s lives and proactively addressing environmental issues in pursuit of a sustainable, ‘brighter’ future, we are constantly exploring ways to maximize energy efficiency, minimize the use of hazardous substances and reduce waste. We wanted to help to reduce energy consumption, thereby helping to lower CO2 emissions, and improve the quality of life in towns and cities. NIKKON engineering team, formed by lighting specialists equip with the long-term know-how, passionate commitment and international experience integrates the LEDs light source, optic, control system and housing enables optimal solutions to create lighting solutions that meet a wide range of customer requirements for all applications, ranging from state-of-the-art light and control technology to custom-made luminaires with a high level of technical and design sophistication. We design and manufacture our LED lights in order to provide our customers with the best possible lighting solutions. Our powerful stainless steel LED Floodlighting, AEROS Series, for example, not only illuminates your industrial areas safely and comfortably, but also features its durability while operating in harsh environment. NIKKON offers not only innovative luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications but also perfectly matching lighting solutions for all requirements. We place our confidence in the outstanding innovation and growth potential of this technology, according to ‘quality instead of volume’, and continue to improve both efficiency and cost-benefit ratios before new LED solutions are brought to market. We work together every day with our customer to achieve their aim of making light even more efficient and providing them with solutions in an easy and uncomplicated way. No matter which LED lighting you favor, with NIKKON, you choose the most simple and safest way to customized, energy-efficient and sustainable light solutions. To guarantee this, we rely on a comprehensive range of innovative products, state-of-art-facilities and technologies as well as extensive distribution network covered by NIKKON authorized distributor.