NiSoft are the world’s leading provider of electronic safety document software. Focussed on the oil and gas, power generation and manufacturing intensive industries, NiSoft provide electronic safe systems of work for managing Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Isolations, Confined Spaces, Hot Works, Excavation and other safety critical documentation. With more than 20 years’ experience of providing specialist safety software to heavy industry NiSoft’s teams have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience. As a trusted partner we help companies deliver practical and functional solutions to the operations, maintenance and health and safety teams. We regularly engage with our customers to improve compliance, optimization, visibility, quality and efficiency of operations delivering real and tangible benefits around the safety document process. The web based e3 software application is tailored to customer specific business processes including local and corporate safety rules compliance. NiSoft have an extensive configuration engine that allows for tailoring of forms, workflow, assets, personnel and KPIs to your company requirements. Sites benefit from enhanced and streamlined workflows whilst removing bottlenecks in the process of setting people to work. In line with our customers corporate objectives, we strengthen and support stringent compliance with company and local regulatory rules on safety.