Pan Gulf Industrial Systems PGIS/RITEC is a leading consortium that serves Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region in condition monitoring and vibration analysis. RITEC is the leading machinery condition monitoring company in the Middle East. PGIS/RITEC provides complete services in Predictive Maintenance including: Condition Monitoring, Vibration Analysis, Thermography Surveys, Rotordynamic Analysis, as well as Machinery: Balancing, Alignment and Fault Troubleshooting. PGIS/RITEC provides complete solutions in condition monitoring, including: Products, Services and Training. RITEC represents and supports in the Middle East, the products and services of the Vibration Institute, AzimaDLI Condition Monitoring Solutions, CTC Vibration Measurement Accessories, Beran Instruments, Vibrant Technology, Kohtect Laser Alignment Tools, Palmer Wahl Thermal Imaging, and Seiffert Industrial Laser Alignment