“Pharmaceutical Reporter ” – a leading information and analytical publication for specialists in the Russian pharmaceutical market and related industries. Full-color weekly volume of 24-48 bands A3-out 42 times a year, circulation of 16,200 copies, distributed by subscription. The newspaper published since 1994. The publication is intended for a wide professional audience. Among the regular readers of the newspaper – not only the leaders of the largest pharma companies, civil servants of all ranks, but the director and the head of the pharmacy, the employees of the first table, as well as representatives of recruitment agencies. ” Pharmaceutical Reporter ” provides readers with the opportunity to hear the views of leading experts, representatives of governments, civil society and the market leaders. Newspaper materials are also of interest for investment companies and banks, insurance companies and providers of technology solutions for the healthcare industry, consulting and marketing companies. In each edition of the newspaper published thematic units on the most important events of the pharmaceutical market one of the seven federal districts of Russia. The materials prepared by the Permanent Representatives of newspapers in the regions of Russia, which allows you to stay in the middle of the action and provide readers the most relevant and urgent information.