Pinkerton is a worldwide industry leader in development and delivery of compliance-focused, employee screening solutions specifically designed to cut costs and save time. WE ACT AS YOUR EMPLOYMENT SCREENING PARTNER, DELIVERING SOLUTIONS THAT ARE FASTER AND MORE ACCURATE Thousands of companies throughout the world rely on Pinkerton Employment Screening to provide comprehensive Human Resource Employment Background Screening Services and Solutions. Our solutions incorporate standardized best practices which help streamline your workflow and maximize productivity throughout the entire employee life cycle. Our comprehensive employment screening services encompass swift and reliable background checks, drug testing, Form I-9 processing and much more. With Pinkerton, you can count on industry-leading employment screening solutions that: – Quickly provide answers and results – Incorporate cutting-edge technology – Take into account the specificities required by compliance issues – Are always backed with outstanding customer service – Are competitively priced Pinkerton will help you examine all risk areas of your business and operations – both inside and outside of the company – that can impact your organization’s value. To help protect this value, Pinkerton mitigates the four core risk areas that impact businesses: Hazard & Event Risk; Operational & Physical Risk; Market & Economic Risk; and Technology & Informational Risk. See how our uniquely holistic approach to risk management at Pinkerton is designed to keep your entire company safe and secure.