PROACT Engineering Services LLC is an engineering service and trading company focused on Proactive and Predictive Maintenance; specifically Inspection and Condition Monitoring technologies and their related systems, instruments, services, and training. PROACT offers a comprehensive range of market leading products and services in the fields of infrared thermal imaging, ultrasound emissions testing, vibration measurement, lube oil studies, and video borescope inspection. We enable our clients to actively prevent breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and spare parts consumption while saving energy and the environment by providing world leading products and technologies, as well as conducting condition monitoring services, training, and application engineering. PROACT uniqueness is in its proven Multi-Technology Condition Monitoring Programs. We combine the use of different monitoring and inspection techniques like Thermography, Ultrasound Inspection, Vibration, and basic Lube Analysis on the same job. This enables us to collect more data, and obtain a clearer understanding of assets issues, which results in more accurate recommendations.