Since forming Risk Focus in 2004 we have prided ourselves on setting the bar for delivery. Our no-nonsense approach to exceeding client expectations sets us apart from consulting firms whose focus is often on client colonization – not client satisfaction. We’re a team of enterprise-grade problem solvers who have grown organically from a niche staff augmentation firm to a specialist solutions provider. We hire intellectually curious technologists who prefer to avoid the politics of large financial services organizations but are motivated by the diversity and scale of the challenge they present. There is no single unique selling point that makes a firm like Risk Focus a trusted partner to industry leading firms. We cannot be complacent; our clients will only engage us if we offer them measurable value. This means hitting all the right notes, whether it’s offering sound advice, introducing innovative ideas or providing high quality people. Above all, we must deliver. Risk Focus has evolved over the past decade. We have grown our client base, our team and the breadth and depth of our offerings. Yet, every year we are proud to maintain the same core promise. Clients choose Risk Focus because we deliver.