SAGSAGA (Swiss Austrian German Simulation And Gaming Association). The Association was founded in 2001 in order to promote the method of Gaming Simulation. It is an association of experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. SAGSAGA is an organization for scientists and practitioners who develop and use simulation, gaming and related methodologies. In the SAGSAGA, scientists, teachers, consultants and trainers work hand in hand to develop new stimulating training elements and learning programs on current topics related to training and further education, personnel and organizational development and management. Methodologies range from simulation, gaming, role-play, structured experiences, policy exercises, computerized simulation play, virtual reality, game theory, debriefing and experiential learning to the newest forms of event learning. They are used in a broad range of professional areas, including: university, industry, government and business. SAGSAGA should not be related to the gambling business. The term “gaming” refers to learning and research games.