Securitas Group, founded in 1934, has operations in 53 countries around the globe, employing more than 320.000 guards with its sales totalling Euro 7,6 billion. Securitas is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm, since 1991. From a broad range of services of specialized guarding, technology solutions, consulting and investigations, Securitas customizes offerings suited to the customer’s needs, in order to deliver the most effective security solutions. Within the Securitas Group, Securitas Transport Aviation Security (STAS) solely focuses on aviation security and safety services. With 37 years of experience, STAS is present at more than 200 airports in 32 countries with 22.000 professional security officers. STAS provides aviation services to airports (such as x-ray screening of passengers, cabin-/hold baggage and cargo, access control, perimeter surveillance) and to airlines (such as document verification, aircraft search & guarding, catering checks and secondary screening). STAS delivers efficient and effective solutions combining innovative technology with specially trained staff. In order to ensure its leading role within the aviation security market, STAS operates its own CBT X-ray system as well as an internal audit team that audits STAS’ performance based on national and international standards such as EU, TSA and ICAO.