Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia SEDA was established on 1st September 2011 under the SEDA Act 2011 [Act 726]. SEDA was established to fulfil a gap identified in the National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan (NREPAP), that which is to be responsible for augmenting the sustainable energy agenda in the country. The NREPAP is underpinned by five Strategic Thrusts. These thrusts serve to grow a renewable energy market and industry, develop human competency, research and development via innovation and adaptation of renewable technology, and generate public awareness. SEDA’s core function is to administer and implement the feed-in tariff (FiT) mechanism framed within the RE Act 2011 [Act 725]. The FiT is subsequently implemented on 1st December 2011. The objective of the FiT is to primarily create a renewable energy market and secondarily, to create a renewable energy industry. For more info on SEDA, please visit