Founded in 1950 Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker is considered one of the first companies that introduced air-conditioners and household appliances generally in the Kingdom.The company has distribution rights for many of the leading global brands, and is the sole distributor for LG Air Conditioners in the Kingdom. Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker continued growing at a steady pace and a clear vision over the years until it became a distinguished trademark in the marketing of home appliances and air conditioning, ceasing the every moment to be best refrigeration and air conditioning solution providers in the Kingdom and the region. Classified in the list of the top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia and presence in the mind of the Saudi consumer, Shaker Company is characterized by providing the best products and after-sales services that gives the customer a sense of comfort and complete satisfaction, as well as its leading role in supporting the national industry to establish the first joint venture with LG Electronics Global in 2006, for the manufacture of air conditioners in the Kingdom, in addition to its outstanding support in the orientations of the state aimed at energy conservation, where the company has succeeded in establishing the first center for advanced energy and safety in the Riyadh.