SkyCell has become an award-winning provider of temperature-controlled container solutions because of reliability, service and total cost. SkyCell serves leading pharma companies around the world with a special focus on emerging markets with the goal of supplying the safest container on the market. Containers are rented from service centers or are delivered to point of loading and include the reverse logistics of the units – all ease-of-use. SkyCell containers travel door-to-door eliminating reloading at airports which eliminates temperature excursions all together based on special processes in each country. SkyCell’s proprietary technology sets the benchmark in shipping performance – reliable even during extremely long (longest to date 31 days) or extremely hot (+65°C) or cold (-30°C) shipping scenarios. For an efficient and easy qualification SkyCell offers online tools – such as SkyCell Transport Planner, to simulate a transportation scenario based on risk-based planning and decision making. Let us help you increase the reliability in your global pharma supply chain and reduce the total cost of ownership.