Slovak PPP Association (APPP) is non-profit organization founded in 1997 to support development of public infrastructure and public services in the Slovak Republic. We specialize in promoting public-private partnerships and help the market in successful PPP projects implementation. APPP is exclusively non-government organization, its members are banks, concession companies, construction firms, legal, financial, technical advisors and others. In the absence of institutional support of the local PPP market in the Slovak Republic, we help transferring the experience and knowledge, especially lessons learned from the specific projects. We help the public sponsors in the early phases of project planning and investment opportunity development. APPP fulfills its training and education functions, mainly through organizing conferences, seminars and workshops as well as supporting such events organized by our partners. For our members, we gather and analyze relevant data and information and in the times of legislation initiatives, we help shaping the legal environment for the benefits of the PPP market.