SME Magazine is Southeast Asia’s best-selling business magazine. Dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs, we feature current news and in-depth analysis, with practical tips and articles written in your language. We deliver business intelligence, made simple. SME Magazine has the largest circulation and readership among business magazines in Southeast Asia. Our readers are affluent, high net worth individuals, many being SME owners and entrepreneurs; key decision makers in their organizations. More than just a magazine, SME Magazine goes beyond the usual “what’s going on”. We bring our readers regular top notch contributors and industry experts who share practical tips and know-how on dealing with common business issues. We provide visibility of business trends, providing global perspective while maintaining unique local insight. Beyond our highly popular regional publication and web portals, SME Magazine delivers some of the most anticipated events to SMEs. These include the SME Solutions Expo, the SME Show, the SME 100 Awards and the SME CEO Forum. Whether it’s online, offline or face-to-face, we are focused to delivering you the tools you need to run your business, so that you can focus on running your business.