Headquartered in Dubai/UAE, Supply Chain and Logistics Group (SCLG) is a membership driven business group (industry body) engaged in advancing supply chain and logistics industry locally, regionally and globally. SCLG delivers value through bringing policy centric discussion, connection, communication, collaboration, creation, motivation, empowerment and encouragement to industry, its organization and its people. SCLG engages in supporting and conducting industry centric conferences, roundtables, educational awareness, site visits and supports publications and co-ordination of magazines and research notes aimed at growth of industry and its members. SCLG currently has 200 plus corporate members. SCLG is conceptualized, developed and grown in Dubai, the city of innovation, knowledge economy and hub for global logistics & supply chain. SCLG is now in 2nd decade of growth well aligned with its vision to attain its objective of becoming a truly global body of logistics and supply chain across the world operated from Dubai as headquarter. SCLG is licensed by Dubai Chamber of commerce and industry. SCLG has grown under guidance of well-developed leadership team and international advisors. There are 35 plus international advisors from 30 plus countries helping growth of SCLG and industry locally and globally. Please view www.sclgme.org for more information or contact admin@sclgme.org.