Saving space, energy and maintenance in District Cooling with Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) are quickly winning ground in district cooling, thanks to space-saving compactness, high efficiency and low maintenance. With over a million installations around the world, SWEP has built up extensive application expertise, the highest capacity range on the market, and a unique offer for district cooling networks. BPHEs have a significantly more compact design than gasket plate heat exchangers. Even SWEP’s largest model, the B649, is half the weight and footprint of competing technologies, saving space and simplifying installation. The brazed construction has no gaskets or loose parts, which improves reliability and minimizes maintenance costs. A modular concept for serial/parallel connection offers great flexibility in system design and more efficient use of space, as well as easy capacity extension when demand increases. To meet the increasing demand in the Middle East and better serve local customers, SWEP has now established an office in Dubai. This will allow the company to support the region’s initiatives to create sustainable cities, with solutions based on BPHEs that offer the most energy-efficient way to transfer heat.