Tabreed is a well respected and highly experienced district cooling scheme developer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its headquarters based in Khobar, Eastern Province. It is operated as a closed joint stock company between Tabreed, ACWA Holding and RUSD Investment and runs a current contracted capacity of 187,000 tons of refrigeration. The joint venture between Tabreed, ACWA Holding and RUSD Investment has been utilised in creating a company that brings together a powerful combination of experience, business acumen and technical excellence,thus in Saudi Tabreed creating a private company that excels in providing an innovative and energy efficient cooling service while constantly investing in the future of the Saudi Arabia. Saudi Tabreed follows the strategy of a distributed profit centre business philosophy in welcoming partners who bring synergy to the Saudi Tabreed business model. Currently Saudi Tabreed has formed multiple joint venture companies in partnership with regional and local main players, or as fully owned subsidiaries. The company and its project companies include Saudi Dhahran District Cooling Company (SDCC), Central District Cooling Company (CDCC) and the Operation and Maintenance for District Cooling Systems (STOM).