Tanand Technology was founded in 2014 by a group of young entrepreneurs in Klang Valley, Malaysia who wanted to combine IT intelligence into engineering solutions to make it a future trend of business. Tanand Technology provides innovative engineering solution that allows companies to manage energy efficiently and effortlessly that significantly reduces energy costs, upgrades the facilities and increases productivity. We are experienced in planning and operation of energy related production and consumption. Our ultimate objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost saving while consumer can enjoy permanent access to the energy they need. We consolidate best practises from many of organization into one step by step road map for continuous improvement which includes process of monitoring, controlling and conservation energy in a building or organization. Our Vision: we aspire to provide solutions that enable every customers to manage their energy efficiently, effectively and improve their comfort of life. Our Mission We constantly innovate and deliver superior products/services that provide cost saving with consistent favourable results with great affordability to the market We say what we do and do what we say. With integrity, we build long-term mutual trust with customers that help us achieve individual and organizational goals We are sincere, straightforward, bold and open in driving our company towards excellence. In other words, we are fun to work with!