Teamtec is a well known Norwegian manufacturer of customized waste incinerators with a track record of 11 000 units, primarily for marine and offshore use, but also for land based applications. For on shore use, the reference list spans power plants, mining facilities, hospitals and military and humanitarian base camps. Many of the ships sailing in the area are fitted with Teamtec incinerators Teamtec incinerators burn both solid waste and waste oils in an effective, automatic and environmental friendly way. Emissions are far below IMO requirements, and we are preferred when dealing with sludge with high water content. Effluents can also be cleaned beyond IMO limits. The Teamtec range of incinerators can handle up to 1500 kg solid waste per day per unit. The incinerators can also be delivered skid mounted or containerized, for more plug-and-play / mobile solutions. These can be fitted with compressors, power generators and all necessary tanks, so as to make them self-sufficient.