The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) was established according to the United Arab Emirates Federal Law by ‘Decree No. 3 of 2003 – Telecom Law’. The TRA is responsible for the management of every aspect of the telecommunications and information technology industries in the UAE. Despite its relatively short life-span, the TRA has exceeded expectations by achieving its projected goals in record time. Currently building the core regulatory framework for the UAE’s burgeoning knowledge economy, the TRA’s activities lie at the very core of the recent success the UAE ICT industry has enjoyed. The TRA’s operations are critical in that ICT development underpins economic growth and social advancement, and is a central pillar in the nation’s broader 2021 Vision. The TRA supports the UAE’s ICT sector by safeguarding competition to protect the interests of subscribers. Enhancing the readiness of e-services, encouraging investment, innovation and development, the TRA facilitates the broader growth of a human capital ecosystem in the UAE. Ultimately serving the UAE, the TRA actively communicates with both the public and business communities within it to ensure all stakeholders are involved with the sector’s progression towards global excellence.