Testo AG offers an individual approach to pharmaceutical companies with the climate monitoring systems testo Saveris, temperature and humidity data loggers testo 184 and testo 17X to monitor medicinal products and substances during transport. Testo Saveris system with software Testo Saveris Professional CFR is in full compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) requirements and ready for validation. As any computerized system, testo Saveris monitoring system runs under the special software Testo Saveris Professional CFR. This software has been developed according to the CFR Title 21 Part 11 and its European analogue – Annex 11 “Computerized Systems” to Chapter 4 of the GMP Guide. Moreover, Testo offers complex services of introduction of climate monitoring systems in the production, storerooms and other premises of a pharmaceutical company: Preliminary inspection of a room and temperature mapping; Installation and adjustment of testo Saveris climate monitoring system; Testo Saveris climate monitoring system validation.