Since 1963, British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) has been a catalyst in providing Malaysian businesses with networking, knowledge exchange, bilateral trading assistance and support. With 360 top member companies with and an outreach of over 190,000 employees, the experience and expertise at BMCC is incomparable at promoting and fostering trade between Britain and Malaysia. A chamber of commerce is a very historic institution which dates back to the early 17th century and traditionally these groups were set up to help local traders. Fast-forwarded to the 21st century and we find that chamber are now re-engineered business entities that help thrive and drive trade in a global playground. During the financial crisis of 2009, the chamber started to realise the disconnection between what businesses want and the role of a modern chamber in serving business needs. We pride ourselves on having the ability to feel the pulse of members to ensure we remain relevant. BMCC is a proud member of Britain in South East Asia or BiSEA which is a grouping of British Chambers and Business Groups in the South East Asian region including Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. BiSEA is a very important pillar for growing and supporting business and this group is now emphasising a better ASEAN regional knowledge-sharing platform through UK-ASEAN Business Council. In 2013, the BMCC has been selected by the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) as their service delivery partner for UK SMEs under the Overseas Business Network Initiative (OBNI). This further strengthens the relationship between the UKTI, Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the chamber in Malaysia, providing a cohesive message and fostering trade between Great Britain and Malaysia. United Kingdom and Malaysia have recently jointly announced the goal to double trade and grow investment to £8bn by 2016.