THE HEALTHCARE HOLIDAY – JOURNEYS TO HEALTH The Healthcare Holiday is a total resource portal in medical and health tourism, designed for both patients and their travelling companions. The site focuses on journeys to health; Medical, Therapies and Revitalisation all blended with tourism. Under the Medical Tourism section of the site, top accredited facilities and the latest treatments are listed under selected destinations around the globe, supported with the latest news in medical, health and travel. From cardiology, oncology and neurology, the most advanced procedures and state of the art technology are featured in addition to the newest advances in corrective and aesthetic surgeries and the top dental clinics at value for money prices. Links to advisories are provided for further research. Sports and orthopaedic treatments are categorised under rehabilitation while a number of specialist clinics list a range of services from detox to addictive behavioural programmes. Todays’ new smart traveller is now prioritizing health above habits and over- indulgement. The special section on Body Screening Holidays is dedicated to preventative medicine and diagnosis which reflects the increasing trend to learn and combine lifestyle changes with vacation choices. As a fast track to health solutions, unique to The Healthcare Holiday, is a dedicated travel service. This award winning travel company, are experts in providing travel arrangements for medical travellers and companions with flexible, creative and bespoke itineraries. Removing the hassle of organising dates, places and times, the company simply requests the patient to complete the form displayed on the site with details of the confirmed treatment and they will do the rest. Booking through The Healthcare Holiday offers special facilities from flexible ticketing arrangements to extend time away if required, extra luggage allowance with key airlines and excellent rates with convenient accommodation options. Last minutes changes are never a problem. The Healthcare Holiday is a specialist health and medical tourism portal, combining a range of healthcare procedures together with the latest therapies and revitalisation holiday options for the rapidly growing number of international travellers wishing to combine medical or health treatments with a holiday. Contact: