The Malaysian Reserve is an all business daily (Monday-Friday) first published on July 28th, 2007 in recognition of the fast moving and ever changing market environment. As a pro-business newspaper, it stresses on balanced reporting encompassing local and international news. The layout is uncluttered and designed to facilitate ease of reading. The Malaysian Reserve is targeted at senior and top management of organizations (the C-Suites), businessmen, policymakers, investors and high net worth individuals who are significantly powerful within their sphere of influence. It is also read by researchers, analysts and post graduate students. The Malaysian Reserve aims to widen its reach to the growing Malaysian SME/SMI market where on Fridays the content is skewed towards SMEs /SMIs who are in need for SME related information. Embarking on a partnership with International Herald Tribune beginning January 24th, 2011, The Malaysian Reserve now incorporates the International Herald Tribune. With the combination of the two newspapers, readers get the best of world and business news, all in one daily copy. In 2012, The Malaysian Reserve has been recognized by Advertising and Marketing magazine in its October issue as Top 3 Newspapers for the Managing Directors and CEOs. In 2013, The Malaysian Reserve has set its footing in Sabah and Sarawak for the C-Suites and high net worth individuals.