The RailRoad Association of South Africa is a registered non profit company. It was formed in October 2000 by a group of concerned and committed practitioners, both from the railway operators and the goods and services supply industry, who had grave concerns regarding both the state and the future of rail as a transport mode in the sub-continent and in Africa as a whole. Since 2000 the realisation of the economic and ecological benefits of the overland rail transport mode has become clear to the continents leaders. The realisation of the poor state of intra-Africa trade caused in part by the lack of connected transport infrastructure is now indicating an ideal opportunity to discuss and plan Africa’s future integrated rail network and intermodal exchanges.Their mission is to provide independent, objective and technically sound information, advice and expertise to enable decision makers, interested and affected parties, and other stakeholders to make informed decision regarding choice of mode, while at the same time addressing environmental and safety considerations.