The Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA), established pursuant to Decision No. 247 of the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1994, is a professional association of credit institutions in Vietnam; it gathers and motivates its Members to cooperate and support one another in their operations; it protects legitimate rights and interests of the Members; it acts as a link between the Members and the government agencies; it aims at stable, effective and prudential development of the credit institutions of Vietnam and contributes to the implementation of the monetary policies for socio-economic development. As of March 31, 2016, VNBA has 49 members, including 44 full members (07 stated-owned/stated-major-share commercial banks, 24 joint stock commercial banks, 01 joint venture banks, 09 finance companies, 03 other financial institutions) and 05 associate members. VNBA is a member of the ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA) and has established the cooperative relationships with over 30 national and regional banking associations and related trade associations as well as many other international organizations. VNBA’s most important function is being a channel for Members to reflect their aspirations, suggestions and proposals to the governmental agencies in regard to matters related to the sustainable development and legitimate rights and benefits of VNBA’s members. VNBA also performs as a bridge to involve Members in providing comments on the State Bank of Vietnam’s policies, regulations and legislations in banking area. Besides, VNBA also acts as a contact channel to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with many international associations and institutions in order to co-organize workshops, seminars and training courses, study tour on the subject of banking operations, and thence promoting international best practices and experience exchange between membership organizations and other institutions in the region.