Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants (TBWIC) is a Dubai-based, multi-accredited, privately held engineering firm providing independent Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC)services primarily for the building construction sector. Mainly focused on large commercial buildings we provide a range of TIC services for building architectural elements, as well as for fire separation and material safety. Along with the latest addition of Product Certification, we provide quality and safety testing of exterior wall systems of large buildings, fire containment systems in buildings and materials for reaction to fire. We also provide Special Inspections / Third Party Independent Inspections of curtain wall; glazing, fire-stop systems; fire rated doors; and fire rated partition / blocks wall systems. Our United Arab Emirates testing laboratory located in Dubai holds accreditations by UKAS, ENAS and IAS to ISO 17025 (Testing); by UKAS to ISO 17065 (Product Certification); by IAS to ISO 17020(Inspections) and as a Special Inspections Agency as per AC291. The newest addition of an Intermediate Scale, Multistory Test Apparatus (ISMA) to test façade claddings or complete external wall systems to vertical and lateral flame propagation as per NFPA 285 is helping the industry to comply to mandatory requirements in UAE, Qatar and various projects throughout the MENA & Subcontinent region.