Ubuntu Business Advisory and Consulting (Pty) Ltd together Bowline Security, provide integrated forensic investigation and trusted cyber security solutions to the private and public sector. Our team members are qualified professionals, rich in experience, committed to excellence, and specialize in designing, implementing and maintaining holistic integrated and sustainable programs. We offer a unique technology and services framework for clients to actively prevent, detect and respond to risks, through the implementation of risk management and mitigation measures by: • Defining threats and vulnerabilities • Assessing likelihoods and probabilities • Evaluating scope and magnitude • Considering controls and counter measures UBAC and BOWLINE contribute to servicing our client needs by using our industry knowledge and security-related expertise in: • Digital Forensics; • Security Architecture; • Identity and Access Management; • Cyber Security Operations Center; • Fraud Risk Management Services; • Training and Awareness programs; • Fraud and Corruption Investigations; • Application Code Assessment Services. • Enterprise Security Program Development; and • Security Governance, Risk and Compliance.