UMS delivers solutions for citizen communication and public warning for people’s security, convenience and welfare. UMS Alert Services offer a portfolio of different solutions ranging from group to address and location based alert systems, be it mobilising emergency personnel or notifying citizens about changes to civil services. These off-the-shelf solutions are designed for all types of organisations and service providers. Our clients range from police and emergency services to oil and gas companies, local governments and municipalities ranging from small towns to large cities. They can also be used by any organisation with communication requirements. All our systems have easy to use interfaces for efficient and effective communication in any situation. UMS helps its customers reach people when it matters most. * Group Alert System is a system for one and two-way communication intended for both planned and unplanned incidents. Alerts are sent to pre-defined groups of known recipients registered in the system. The system is effective for communication across various inter-operating departments or organisations and it is useful for emergency responders to coordinate rescue operations. * Service Alert System is a mass notification solution enabling both public and private utility organisations to communicate service notifications through multiple channels to their customers. Alerts are sent based on an area selected on a map. A geo-coded database is used to map recipients. * Community Messaging is a subscriber based service, used by cities and law enforcement authorities to inform residents. The system is designed for residents who wish to be informed about incidents and happenings in their local area. * Location-based Alerting: People in a specific chosen area can be alerted in a quick and efficient manner. Alerts are sent to citizens either through integration with telecom operators or over IP * Traveller Alerting: A patented system for localizing and communicating with national citizens travelling abroad. The system supports in defining the scale of actions needed to assist citizens affected by an emergency in a foreign country or region * Campus Alert is designed to protect educational institutions and notifies everyone in a registered college or university campus area during an emergency situation. * The SMS Lifesaver App makes it possible for volunteer lifesavers located near a sudden cardiac arrest to be notified. They are either sent to pick up the nearest defibrillator or directly to where the cardiac arrest has taken place to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.