With more than 30 years experience, Vanzetti Engineering is an high-quality manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and systems for LNG fuelling stations, industrial and marine applications. In the last 10 years Vanzetti installed its pumps in several countries worldwide, more than 25 of them in European LNG/L-CNG refuelling stations and 5 of these in Italy. Regarding the Marine field, we provide a wide range of innovative submerged pumps both for low pressure fuel supply systems and for LNG bunkering and cold ironing. Currently we offer a complete range of LNG CRYOGENIC PUMPS & COMPONENTS for: LNG/LCNG refuelling stations; LNG loading/unloading from road trailers and stationary storage tanks; Marine engines and bunkering stations; Industrial satellites, back-up & peak-shaving plants, pipeline feeding, power generation. Modularity, flexibility and simple installation are the main successful features of Vanzetti cryogenic components.