Virtual I, an InsurTech risk assessment startup, enables insurance, reinsurance companies and loss adjusters to harness the vision of our Field Engineers on site to remotely see, analyze and assess any risk from the comfort of their desks. Our team of Field Engineers use wearable and smart devices connected via secure telepresence that allow underwriters to assess a site they cannot access due to time or safety constraints, to enable them to focus on their core activities, and make more informed underwriting decisions. Leveraging years of risk inspection experience, our Centre of Excellence in Asia collaborates with our Field Engineers to securely receive risk engineering data in the form of images, audios and videos and delivers inspection reports tailored to the underwriters’ needs within a few days. Virtual i has a global reach, having headquarters in the UAE, its technology center in the US, its Center of Excellence in Asia and is actively growing in the Middle-East, Asia, with expansion plans for Africa.