WeGO is an international cooperative body of cities and local governments that pursues sustainable city development based on e-Government. WeGO has currently 97 member cities and 3 friendship members across all continents. The WeGO Secretariat is hosted by the President City Seoul (South Korea) and has two Regional Offices in Chengdu (China) and the Ulyanovsk Region (Russia) that help advance the organization’s mission in their respective regions. WeGO offers capacity building programs for the advancement of digital capacity and bridging the digital divide. It provides consulting services to WeGO members on city e-Government development through Feasibility Studies (F/S), research and technical assistance in cooperation with IT consultants. WeGO offers cost-efficient and easy-to-use e-Government Tools to its members to help improve their e-Government Systems. Members have the chance to learn about emerging smart sustainable technologies, share best practices, and make valuable connections with the international community, city officials, and urban/IT experts from all over the world through a wide range of WeGO events. Finally, the triennial WeGO Awards is a popular international e-Government competition that recognizes and promotes excellent e-Government practices of cities and local government around the world.