WI-careTM and Wildcat are proud to introduce the Wi-careTM wireless condition monitoring system. Thanks to more than 10 years of industrial experience in condition monitoring, the Wi-careTM system has been developed to monitor vibration spectra and temperature, accurately, safely and cost effectively in inaccessible locations and extreme conditions. Wi-careTM, designed and built 100% by I-Care in Belgium and distributed in Qatar, UAE and Egypt by Wildcat, provides an alternative solution to manual data collection or temporary online monitoring. Wi-careTM offers the highest diagnosis capabilities and reduces non value-added costs of mounting, cabling and travel costs. As Wi-careTM is compatible with the vast majority of Industry standard vibration sensors, it will provide a wireless solution in less than a minute! Wi-careTM 24/7 remote diagnosis services represent a very flexible solution allowing you to receive maintenance recommendations through periodical or “on event” data analysis.