The World Packaging Organisation is dedicated to “Better Quality of Life Through Better Packaging For More People.” Today, with almost 50 member countries, WPO has become one of the most recognized packaging organisations in the world. Both of our design awards programs, WorldStar Awards and WorldStar Student Awards, aim to annually recognize the best packaging designs created by both Packaging Professionals and future Packaging Professionals across the Globe. Since our organisation’s founding in Tokyo in 1968, WPO has been committed to improving packaging education, trade, and standards that facilitate international cooperation in the world-wide packaging community. In the last several years we have been very active in packaging education across the globe. We understand that packaging education gives participants learning opportunities to meet the demands of the workplace, today and tomorrow. Education, is an investment that cannot be lost or taken away. Those participating will be better informed to take on future challenges facing the packaging industry, and be able to use these competitive advantages in the global economic community.