The purpose of the World Safety Organization is to internationalize all safety fields including occupational and environmental safety & health, accident prevention movement, etc. and to disseminate throughout the world the practices, skills, arts and technologies of safety and accident prevention profession. WSO provides facilities to pool technological and methodological knowledge in the health, safety, environmental and accident prevention profession worldwide, in order to share this wealth of information. Membership in WSO is open to all individuals and entitles involved in the multi-discipline field of safety and accident prevention, regardless of race, color, creed, ideology, religion, social status, sex or political beliefs. WSO Certification Board, an independent WSO Board, strives for universal level of professionalism and competency amoung the WSO Certified Members. The WSO certified members are professionals in the multi-discipline of safety and accident prevention, recognized for their practical experience, education and other learning programs, obtained through academic institutions and continuing education programs. WSO certified members are involved in all areas of governments (federal, state, province, etc.) WSO members are corporate directors, university faculty, private consultants, medical doctors, researchers, generalists, or specialists, etc., in their fields of expertise.