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Procurement Strategy VIRTUAL Summit


Key Topics

Interview: Best practices on remote working and collaboration

Keynote: Disruption in Supply Chain and Contracts management

Panel Discussion: Leading towards resilience & sustainability for the future

Opening Keynote: Procurement function leadership in times of crisis

Immediate COVID-19 Focus

How does coronavirus influence the speed of new technologies implementation?

Sustainability of procurement, supply chain, and contracts during the crisis

Impact of pandemic depression for specific areas and lessons learned

Pandemic measures as a catalyst for the restructuring of the workforce standards

Flexibility in strategic thinking and crisis management for digital transformation

Crisis communication with customers and new loyalty opportunities


"Great insights from all the keynote speakers plus the panelists. I love the emphasis on having end-to-end Supply Chain visibility and focus on value creation to our organizations. The importance of digitization and change has also been mentioned and most importantly knowing which data provided by the systems we use is important to us and leveraging on that to improve our performance. Thanks to the organizers and the keynote speakers and panelists for the great contribution. Thanks to Hari for the invite as well."

"Thanks a lot for the wonderful session. I have honestly learnt a lot from the great speakers. Resilience and agility is what we need in this digital transformation era."


"Thank you Waleed, Lalit and Mohamed for making professionals believe in themselves - and thanks to Simon and Fleming - the value visibility and knowledge share you bring in - you have been definitely a great pillar of professional enlightenment and empowerment."


"Business procurement professionals!! Thanks for all the input"


"Great to be here!"