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Procurement Strategy VIRTUAL Summit

Efficient crisis leadership & disruptions steering

5 August 2020

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Key Topics

Interview: Best practices on remote working and collaboration

Keynote: Disruption in Supply Chain and Contracts management

Panel Discussion: Leading towards resilience & sustainability for the future

Opening Keynote: Procurement function leadership in times of crisis

Immediate COVID-19 Focus

How does coronavirus influence the speed of new technologies implementation?

Sustainability of procurement, supply chain, and contracts during the crisis

Impact of pandemic depression for specific areas and lessons learned

Pandemic measures as a catalyst for the restructuring of the workforce standards

Flexibility in strategic thinking and crisis management for digital transformation

Crisis communication with customers and new loyalty opportunities

Key Takeaways

How to reduce crisis’s economic impacts, support communities and create new opportunities

Discovering the lessons learned and visions for the future

Exploring digital procurement technologies such as supplier collaboration tools

Debating the benefits of enhanced partnerships and joint ventures after COVID-19

Explore negotiations of contractual clauses & building future sustainability

Learn about new essentials in risk mitigation in supplier collaboration & contracts

How to build resilience & prepare contingency plans to reduce next critical situation

Creating tools to enhance centralized visibility and controls of possible risks



Lalit Dhamija

Chartered Fellow & Direct Associate



Waleed AlSaeedi

Director of Procurement

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, UAE


Fatima Balfaqeeh

Board Member



Mohamed Habib

Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Tabreed, UAE


Samer Abdul Raheem

Regional Procurement Director

Novo Cinemas, UAE


Sam Achampong

Regional Head & General Manager



Bilal Shaykh

Former Group Chief Procurement Officer in Centrica



Arafat El Mourad

Vice President-Head of Strategic Sourcing

Emirates NDB, UAE


Pallab Mukherjee

Head of Head - Compliance & Corporate

Bahrain National Gas Company, Bahrain

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