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Dr. Eilen Arctander Vik

Managing Director

Aquateam COWI AS

I am Richard Tully, currently the Director at Compliant Medical Devices Ltd. We are a medical device consultancy company who specialise in the European and Saudi Regulations. I started my professional life as an electrical engineer and had a lot of fun working off-shore and in dozens of different factories as part of a specialist electrical company. I went back to school at Brunel University to play with much lower voltages and completed my Masters in silicon design. I remained in engineering and expanded into mechanical, pneumatic and software design. In 2005 I joined a small company designing anaesthetic equipment targeted at developing countries. These products are now sold in over 40 countries worldwide. I joined a Notified Body as a Technical Expert in 2011 and spent more than six years auditing and teaching all over the world. In 2017 I moved into consultancy where I enjoy doing much the same supporting manufacturers as well as Notified Bodies and a Competent Authority.


Frøydis Kirsti Garshol


Aquateam COWI AS

Frøydis has worked for Aquateam COWI since 2006 as a researcher and consultant primarily within microbiology and is responsible for the microbiological activities at Aquateam COWI's laboratory. Frøydis is an expert on anaerobic thermophilic microbiology (e.g. SRB), however, she has long experience within all forms of process microbiology with emphasis on biofilm formation and diversity in areas such as treatment of seawater injection water offshore, biofouling of produced water treatments systems, drinking water hygiene (Legionella/ faecal contamination), aquaculture, treatment of municipal and industrial waste water and sludge characterisations. She has been involved in the research performed at Aquateam COWI, with emphasis on microbiology, such as biodegradation of pollutants, microbial influenced corrosion, reservoir souring and mitigation, impact of new environmentally friendly biogenic chemicals (i.e. EOR) on topside and reservoir communities, development of new monitoring and treatment system for unwanted species in ballast water, development of new anti-microbial (anti quorum sensing) agents for prevention of biofouling in industrial systems (primarily SRB) and on plastic materials (aquaculture/ fish processing). She has held courses in process microbiology i.e. "Microbiology in seawater injection systems" and "Legionella in drinking water systems". Frøydis has wide offshore experience (e.g. Brage, Edvard Grieg, Ekofisk, Gjøa, Heidrun, Oseberg Sør, Troll A and B, Ula, Valhall, ETAP (UK) and Wandoo B (Australia)) in areas ranging from characterisation and troubleshooting of produced water treatment systems, sea water injection and produced water re-injection systems. She has taken part in feasibility studies and concept studies for produced water treatment technology as well as quality analyses during testing and commissioning of the selected treatment technology. Frøydis has assisted in risk and chemical assessment at Melkøya, Ormen Lange and NOAH and has worked with decommissioning at the Ekofisk and Brent offshore fields, with focus on the fate of the oil, water and sediment that is left behind.