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Elizabeth Garcia Dominguez, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines; Bacterial Vaccines

Janssen Research & Development, L.L.C.



Dr. Garcia is a highly regarded professional with extensive experience in vaccines development and production. Currently Elizabeth is senior scientist in the Bacterial Vaccines late development group at Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Her scientific expertise lies in the identification and quick solution of analytical complications in Quality Control and pharmaceutical routine testing settings.

Dr. Garcia completed her PhD at the Central University of Venezuela, working at Rutgers University on Cell Biology and Applied Microbiology. Before joining Janssen Vaccines, she worked in several positions in academia and industry as both Postdoc and Research Scientist (e.g. NYU, Rutgers University, BMS and Sanofi Pasteur).

In her current and previous role, Elizabeth have led teams to release final product and/or drug/vaccine candidates in early and late development. She interacts on a daily basis with all the different functions involved in molecular, immuno and cell-based assays method development, method validation and method transfer. In addition to continuous efforts focused on process improvement, smooth project operations and makes it a priority to recognize potential problems in a routine testing environment and foster approaches to keep projects on track from conception to completion.